Can I try a free session?

Yes, just come along to any of the groups and tell the musician you’d like to try your free session. We’re sure you’ll like it, so after that you can sign up to one of the groups via the website.

What is the price of a sessions?

Your first Music Time session is FREE. At present our session fees are £3.75 per family of one. For childminders or carers who bring children from different families, the first family is charged £3.75, and each additional child is charged £1.00. Sessions run during school term-time only. Fees are paid half-termly in advance. If you join half way through a half term, you would only pay for the sessions you attend.

Do I need to book or can I just turn up?

Please phone or text our enquiry numbers; 07947 817556 (Dean) for Beverley / Cottingham, 07709 606776 (Daryl) for Howden, or email to book your first FREE session. That way we can let the volunteer group leader know that you will be attending. Some groups have spaces, but others have waiting lists.

How old does my child need to be to attend?

We have children attending session from birth right up to starting school, so there really is no minimum age to join a group. Generally, children start showing their enjoyment of the sessions from about 6 months, as they appreciate the music, and observe the toddlers singing, making music, and ‘doing the actions’.

How long do the sessions last?

Approximately an hour. The first 45 minutes involve musician-led singing songs and ‘doing the actions’. The children then have an opportunity to play instruments (eg tambourines, chime bars, maracas) for 5 minutes or so. At the end of the session, the children have juice and biscuits, and parents / carers have a drink and a chat.

What are the musicians like?

Our website’s Home page contains two YouTube video clips. The musicians Dean and Daryl have two very distinctive music styles. Please check which one suits your child best.